Licensing & Activation

step 1. purchase a subscription licence

DOWNLOAD PRIMOVAL FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS 32-BIT or 64-BIT, the downloaded file is a Windows installation file named SetUpPMV3264.msi

Select SetUpPMV3264.msi by right clicking your Mouse on it, select Install from its drop down menu, and follow the instructions on the screen.  

This is a fully functional edition, limited to a 30 day evaluation with no obligation to subscribe. To extend the licence beyond the 30th day, purchase a subscription licence online, and activate your installation.  

When starting the program after the first day a Pop Up screen will appear inviting you to Purchase PRIMOVAL Online. To force the Pop Up screen to appear at any time start the program whilst holding down the Shift key.

When you have purchased your subscription licence, return to the Pop Up screen (see preceding paragraph), and select Activate PRIMOVAL.

Step 2. choose your activation method

On slecting Activate PRIMOVAL, a second Pop Up screen will appear. Choose the option to Activate PRIMOVAL Online.

step 3. activate your licence

On selecting Activate PRIMOVAL Online, a third Pop Up screen will appear. Enter your Licence ID and your Password, obtained when purchasing your subscription licence online, and press Continue to Activate your subscription Licence of PRIMOVAL Property Desktop.

Once activated PRIMOVAL Property Desktop will run for the term of your subscription licence. Thirty days before the expiry of your subscription licence, a Pop Up will appear inviting you to renew your subscription.

Check for updates, and when available download and install them as previously described. The new edition will remove and replace the old edition free-of-charge without any change to your subscription licence.