Property Desktop

start the property desktop

PRIMOVAL's Property Desktop has icons (see above) installed on the Program Menu and on the Desktop, and Pinned to the Start Menu and Takbar. Pinned icons can also be Unpinned using Microsoft Windows 10 menthodology. Select any of these to start PRIMOVAL Property Desktop (see above right). When starting the program, a logo (see above) appears with the version number printed across the top of the logo. Record this, and check if an update is available. All of the new Updates are available and can be downloaded from the HELP >> Check for Updates dropdown Menu.

When the time comes to migrate your software to a new PC running Microsoft Windows 10, you can uninstall the software, download and reinstall the newest edition three times using the same Licensing ID and Password (see Licensing). We will endeavour to provide new editions that are compatible with future editions of Microsoft Windows.

If you wish to uninstall PRIMOVAL's Property Desktop, you can do so with ease using "Add or remove programs" located in Microsoft Windows 10 Settings. Uninstalling will not delete your data, but backing up is recommended.

intuitive pull down menus

PRIMOVAL's Property Desktop has an array of drop down Menus across the top of the desktop, that are intuitive to use. The content ranges from controlling all of your Microsoft Windows 10 Settings, through a host of Property Profession links, your Microsoft Software, Primoval's suite of Valuation Tables and Forms, installed or online third party property APPS (e.g. ARGUS and AUTODESK), Crypto (e.g. Coinbase and Binance), Social Media ( e.g. Facebook and WhatsApp), and Streams (e.g. BBCiPlayer and NETFLIX), Executive (e.g. Airlines and Hotels) , and any PAPP (Page or Application) you want to start from the Property Desktop. If you select a link to start an APP that you have not subscribed to and installed, the Property Desktop will offer to open a web page where it can be procured.

Many of the links are free-of-charge, however some require you to subscribe. The subscription to third party resources is not included in your licence of PRIMOVAL'S Property Desktop. You use these at your own volition.

We are publishing Tutorials of YouTube in lieu of an Operation Manual. Please select the TUTORIALS Menu above.

step 3. activate your licence

On selecting Activate PRIMOVAL Online, a third Pop Up screen will appear. Enter your Licence ID and your Password, obtained when purchasing your subscription licence online, and press Continue to Activate your subscription Licence of PRIMOVAL Property Desktop.

Once activated PRIMOVAL Property Desktop will run for the term of your subscription licence. Thirty days before the expiry of your subscription licence, a Pop Up will appear inviting you to renew your subscription.

Check for updates, and when available download and install them as previously described. The new edition will remove and replace the old edition free-of-charge without any change to your subscription licence.